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Borrowing Resources

JSNE members can borrow the following resources from the derasar for personal religious events on or off JSNE premises. JSNE reserves right to update this list on a as needed basis.

Borrowing Policy Guidelines

JSNE EC reserves full rights to update this policy in future as it deemed necessary.


The guidelines below applies to all kind of resources belonging to JSNE including human, physical (building, material), assets & funds, bank accounts, intellectual, informational & electronic (databases, contacts), goodwill, name recognition, community reach etc.

  • Prior permission of JSNE Executive Committee is necessary for hosting and conducting any private events such as pooja, pravachan, swadhyay or any kind of ritual that are within the stated JSNE guidelines. A timely request for such permission shall be made to JSNE Executive Committee. JSNE Executive Committee shall evaluate such requests individually in its entirety within the framework provided by these guidelines and approve, conditionally approve or reject such requests. Please submit filled online request form to request the use of JSNE resources.

  • All JSNE resources are dedicated for using them for achieving its stated goals and maintaining orderly structured environment. Any unauthorized or private use of JSNE resources without permission of its executive committee is prohibited.

  • Use of JSNE resources is prohibited for any non-religious activities (where religious = as per Jain Shwetamber rituals).

  • Only JSNE registered member can request to borrow JSNE resources for the off-premise use at personal religious pooja such as Snatra pooja at home.

  • A request should be made at least 2 weeks in advance of the requested date. This request should be submitted through an online form available on JSNE website.

  • JSNE reserves all rights to reject requests if, a) resources are reserved by someone else for the requested day, b) resources are needed for JSNE event on Derasar premises, c) in any circumstances JSNE or private event was scheduled on derasar premises after the borrowing request was approved and borrowed resources were needed at Derasar

  • For private pooja events held on Derasar premises, member must request the use of kitchen. Member should also describe the use of kitchen utensils and other resources.

  • If kitchen is used during private pooja event, member holding event is responsible for restoring cleanliness of Derasar premises and kitchen supplies after event is completed.

  • If member is holding Lunch/Dinner/Swamivatsalya during their private events, they must bring all supplies such as paper plates/cups/paper napkins/table cloths etc. for the event.

  • Any type of audio/video equipment or any other electronic devices are not supposed to be borrowed. Use of these devices for on-premise private events will require an approval of JSNE executive committee.

  • Borrower should be responsible for taking care of JSNE resources while in their possession. Borrowed items should be returned to Derasar as soon as the possible after use is completed.

  • It is borrower’s responsibility to make sure the correct quantity of resources are returned as borrowed.

  • While JSNE’s goal is to help members in community to conduct Pooja and/or religious events with available resources, using Derasar supplies acquired from Sadharan funds is a big obligation to Jain Sangh and religion, so it is requested that you make an appropriate donation to Sadharan fund when requesting JSNE resources for private event use.

Voluntary Donation towards using temple resources

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