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Any individual over 18 years of age who wish to become a General Member of JSNE shall submit the membership application. The spouse, parents and children over 18 years living at the same home address of the General Member can be listed in the membership form to attain general membership. A General Membership to JSNE requires you to agree to abide by the rules and regulations laid out in our constitution and operating guidelines.This form along with maintenance dues shall be submitted to the JSNE office. The membership application must be approved by the Executive Committee (EC). It shall be the sole & conclusive decision of EC to accept or reject any membership application. 

Membership Maintenance dues are minimum of $100 as Sadharan Khate per calendar year per family. EC reserves the right to waive the Membership Maintenance Dues under special consideration. Once a member, you will need to update the information within 6 months of moving from the current mailing address. 


The failure to comply with any of the above requirements will result in loss of privileges associated with it. The membership and the associated privileges will be reinstated twelve [12] months after fulfilling the requirements.

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