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Visiting Derasar

Current Daily Darshan hours are 7:00 AM to 09:45 PM. Please do not visit Derasar outside these hours as it will trigger Security alarm of the building. Thanks for your co-operation.

Derasar is not open everyday at a fixed time but we have members of the community who perform daily pooja and aarti/divo during different times of the day. If you would like to visit derasar, please call 781.205.9016 to gain access.

During major events, please follow all parking guidelines provided below

  • As much as possible please CARPOOL. We have limited parking.

  • Please Do NOT Park on our neighbor BD Carpet building parking lots in the Front, Side and Back of the building as marked in RED in the map below. They will tow your vehicle.

  • We may use JSNE back parking lot for tents for food service, so DO NOT Park in the back of the Derasar.

  • We will have parking attendants/volunteers – please follow their directions for parking

  • Everyone is requested to place their name and cell number on the dash board to avoid towing possibility and help with double park situation.

  • Do NOT park next to Tender Learning Center or Goodway Parking lot on 10 A Street.


You can park in one of these designated areas:

  • Front parking lot for JSNE derasar. If double parking in the front of the Derasar, please leave your name and cell phone number on the dashboard so we can reach you if needed.

  • Back Parking lot of 215 Middlesex Turnpike

We recommend dropping off everyone in front of the building and parking in one of the designated areas listed above (marked green in the map).
See this map to get additional clarification.

jsne parking.png
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